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Supreme Court sides with Monsanto in dispute over genetically engineered seeds

The US Supreme Court Wednesday refused to hear an appeal seeking to prevent Monsanto from suing farmers who inadvertently grew crops contaminated by its genetically engineered seed.

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French court overturns ban on Monsanto's genetically modified corn

PARIS (Reuters) - France's highest administrative court rejected on Thursday a government ban on growing Monsanto's MON810 genetically modified maize (corn).

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Monsanto tests new GMO wheat strain after countries ban imports

US agriculture giant Monsanto, in the spotlight over the discovery of unauthorized genetically modified wheat growing in Oregon, said Wednesday it has a new GM wheat strain under development.

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Monsanto baffled by reappearance of GMO 'zombie wheat' in Oregon

The company that engineered an herbicide-resistant strain of wheat which was never cleared for commercial use is baffled as to how the genetically modified organism (GMO) came to be growing in an Oregon wheat field. According to New Scientist, Monsanto, which says it abandoned research on the wheat in 2004, claims it has no idea how the wheat got there, but that it is urgently trying to find out.

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Supreme Court tilts toward Monsanto in battle with farmer

The US Supreme Court appeared on Tuesday to side with Monsanto against an Indiana farmer accused of having pirated the genetically-modified crops developed by the agribusiness giant.

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75-year-old soybean farmer sees Monsanto lawsuit reach U.S. Supreme Court

Who controls the rights to the seeds planted in the ground? A 75-year-old farmer takes the agricultural giant to court to find out

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Poland to ban Monsanto's genetically modified maize

WARSAW — Poland will impose a complete ban on growing the MON810 genetically modified strain of maize made by US company Monsanto on its territory, Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki said Wednesday.

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