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Authors of ‘Black Nerd Problems’ just want to expand the church of nerddom and make sure there are seats for all

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” was still on my to-watch list. The pandemic didn’t put it on the front burner. Then I read William Evans’ essay, “Into the Spider-Verse Got Three Moments Better Than the Best Moment of Your Favorite Comic Book Movie Not Named Into the Spider-Verse” and I stopped everything to watch that 2018 film. (Don’t judge me, reporting on the pandemic had me occupied.) The way Evans spoke of Miles Morales and the work’s “perfectness” I couldn’t resist. In seven pages, and with the words: “My god, Peter Parker is the (expletive) GOAT. I don’t even think it’s up for debat...

Sharon Stone crossed state lines to have ‘secret’ abortion at 18, says she was ‘weak and scared’

Sharon Stone has had just as much drama in real life than in her numerous film roles. In her new memoir “The Beauty of Living Twice,” the Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award winner reveals more untold details about her past. As a teenager, she crossed state lines to have an abortion. “I was too scared and shocked to know what to do,” Stone writes in the new book, further detailing how at age 18 she and her then-boyfriend drove from rural Pennsylvania to Ohio to undergo the procedure. “I was bleeding all over the place and far worse than I should have been, but this was a secret and I had no one ...

Armed protesters gather in small groups at state Capitols across US

Armed groups descended upon state Capitols around the country on Sunday, ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. In Lansing, Michigan., men to believed to be part of the “boogaloo” seeking the overthrow of the U.S. government were seen at the Michigan Capitol, according to the Detroit Free Press. The group had about 10 to 20 men, an official was quoted as saying, some of them armed. “That’s why I’m here, because my vote got stolen,” a small business owner at the protest told the New York Times. “Biden is never going to be my president. I’m going to fight him whenever I get the ...

Rep. Adam Kinzinger has battled Trump and his fellow Republicans. In deep blue Illinois, could that be a strategy for higher office?

CHICAGO — When U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois was asked recently what it means to be a Republican in the era of President Donald Trump, the fifth-term congressman chuckled, then turned serious. “I still hold that being a Republican in general means supporting national defense and smaller government. What does it mean today? I mean, in the state we’re in, I really don’t know,” Kinzinger said. “This is a moment in which what used to be in is out and what used to be out is in. Really, (what) the Republican movement seems to be at the moment — and I think it’s momentary — is just kind of ‘ow...

John Kasich wins Republican primary in Ohio

John Kasich has won the Republican Party primary in his home state of Ohio, according to projections Tuesday night from CNN, CBS News, NBC News, and others — a major result that will complicate the further fight for delegates on the GOP side.

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Hillary Clinton wins Ohio Democratic primary

Hillary has won the Ohio Democratic primary, according to projections Tuesday night from The Associated Press, NBC News, and others.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich delays execution using controversial two-drug combo

Ohio on Friday delayed its next scheduled execution to complete a review of a new two-drug combination that left a condemned inmate convulsing and appearing to struggle for breath for several minutes as he was put to death in January.

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More than 10,000 lose food stamps as Ohio resumes enforcement of work requirement

More than 10,000 Ohio residents lost food stamp benefits this month because they failed to meet newly enforced work requirements.

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