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85 'global elites' as wealthy as half of the world's population: Oxfam

As World Economic Forum starts in Davos, development charity claims that growing inequality has been driven by a 'power grab' by wealthy elites

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Oxfam warns: Austerity threatening to impoverish 25 million more Europeans

Up to 25 million more Europeans are at risk of sinking into poverty by 2025 if governments push on with austerity measures, international aid agency Oxfam warned Wednesday, calling such policies "moral and economic nonsense".

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Austerity cuts in aid to developing countries puts lives at risk: Oxfam

Faced with austerity budgets rich nations cut aid to developing countries by 2.7 percent last year, the OECD says, with aid group Oxfam warning this is putting lives at risk.

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13 million people threatened by food crisis: Oxfam

DAKAR — About 13 million people living in west and central Africa face a major food crisis unless immediate action is taken, humanitarian group Oxfam warned Thursday.

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Afghan women's rights 'at risk' after war decade: Oxfam

Women's rights in Afghanistan risk being forgotten as international troops withdraw and the government struggles for a peace deal 10 years after the Taliban were ousted, Oxfam said Monday.

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'Perfect storm' looms for world's food supplies: Oxfam

PARIS (AFP) – Oxfam called on Tuesday for an overhaul of the world's food system, warning that in a couple of decades, millions more people would be gripped by hunger due to population growth and climate-hit harvests.

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