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Pope Francis faces political and religious minefield in Holy Land

Vatican says purpose of visit is mainly religious, but political spectres hang over three-day tour of Jordan, Palestine and Israel

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Stephen Colbert isn't too sure about Pope Francis welcoming Martians into Heaven

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert complained about Pope Francis's statement that he would be amenable to baptizing Martians.

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Stephen Colbert attacks Pope Francis, Jesus, and God for being foreigners, socialists

On last night's Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert began by reminding his audience that he's the nation's more prominent Catholic. "My faith is so strong," he said, "doctors have actually called it a Messiah complex."

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The new Pope believes in demon possession. This is a problem.

I touched on this briefly in a Slate post, but I want to dig in and talk about it some more. Anthony Faiola has an alarming piece up at the Washington Post about how the small but devout exorcist community within the Catholic church is getting a huge boost from Pope Francis. The claim that demons possess people and need to be exorcised hasn't ever really been renounced by any popes that I know of, but it's such embarrassingly obvious bullshit that recent decades have seen exorcists getting marginalized. (Arguably, they could have been wiped out completely if not for the book and movie The Exorcist, which painted exorcists like child-saving heroes instead of the dangerously delusional idiots they are.) Pope Francis is apparently reversing that trend and instead blowing kisses at the nutters who think demon possession is a thing that happens and that exorcism is a way to deal with it.

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'Modern' Pope Francis turns to old-school exorcism to fight the scourge of secularism

As Mother Teresa lay in a Calcutta hospital the year before she died, her violently disturbed sleep became intolerable, her doctors seemingly unable to help. The problem, the visiting Archbishop of Calcutta suggested, was not a medical matter but something altogether more sinister: this living saint was being attacked by the devil. It was only after an exorcist was called that peace was restored.

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