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Opposition leader Yunior García leaves Cuba for Spain, raising questions about movement’s future

In a surprising twist after days of tension and clashes between the Cuban government and the opposition movement, one of the more visible faces of the dissident group Archipiélago left for Spain with his wife. According to the Spanish newspaper El País, which referred to anonymous diplomatic sources, actor and playwright Yunior García arrived in Madrid on a tourist visa he requested. Europa Press first reported the trip. “We arrived in Spain, alive, healthy and with our ideas intact,” he said. “We have many people to thank for making this trip possible. I have been without communication for se...

Where has Julio Iglesias been? The singer shuts down speculation with one Instagram post

The legendary Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, the best-selling Latin artist in history, was forced to flashback to his youth to dispel rumors about his supposedly fragile state of health. Iglesias’ health had been the subject of much speculation because he has been staying out of the public eye lately. At 77, he made a revelation on Instagram of a little-known fact in his biography, which transported his thousands of followers to the 1960s, when Iglesias was 19 years old. Underneath the photo of him as a young man in a bathing suit on a beach in the seaside town Peníscola in eastern Spain, Igle...

10 countries suffering the biggest tourism revenue loss due to COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis has hampered international travel for the past 10 months and countries all over the world are feeling the effects. Using data from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and The World Bank, visa waiver processing firm Official ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) recently revealed the countries with the biggest tourism revenue loss due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. "The past year has been extremely difficult for the travel and tourism industry, with the unpredictable circumstances resulting in countries being forced to close their borders to tourists,...

Crowds swamp church in Spain after historians claim it holds the 'Holy Grail'

Curators were forced to remove a precious cup from display in a church in Spain when crowds swarmed there after historians claimed it was the Holy Grail, staff said.

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Spain giving away 15th century village for free

For sale: hamlet in Spain. Needs work. Price: zero euros. Like thousands of abandoned villages in Spain, A Barca -- with its 12 crumbling stone homes covered in moss and ivy -- is seeking a new owner to bring it back to life. Local officials in Spain…

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Spain will continue seeking damages over Prestige oil disaster

Spain will appeal for damages over the Prestige tanker disaster which choked its northwest coast in oil, the government said Monday, after a court acquitted all defendants of causing the spill.

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Spanish miners go on strike after gas leak kills six

Spanish miners launched a 48-hour work stoppage Tuesday as they recalled the horror of a methane gas leak that swiftly killed six coal workers in the troubled industry's deadliest accident in 18 years.

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Report: NSA tracked 60 million phone calls in Spain in single month

U.S. security services tracked 60 million telephone calls in Spain in a single month, according to leaked document published Monday in a leading Spanish newspaper.

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