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Biden's EPA blocks gold mine to protect Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed

US authorities on Thursday said they intend to re-establish environmental protections to a bay in Alaska that would block a controversial gold and copper mine project.

The Bristol Bay watershed "is an Alaskan treasure that underscores the critical value of clean water in America," said Environmental Protection Agency chief Michael Regan.

"What's at stake is preventing pollution that would disproportionately impact Alaska Natives, and protecting a sustainable future for the most productive salmon fishery in North America," he said.

Bristol Bay is home to a vast wild salmon run. The exceptional quality of the water in the rivers and marshy areas provide ideal habitat for the fish.

The EPA tried to block the mining project in 2014 under president Barack Obama, emphasizing the negative impact the mines would have on local fisheries.

But the Donald Trump administration authorized Pebble Limited Partnership, a subsidiary of the Canadian group Northern Dynasty Minerals, to apply for an operating license by lifting environmental protections.

Last year the US Army Corps of Engineers said the project is "against the public interest" and could not grant a mining permit as currently planned.

Thursday's EPA decision is aimed at ensuring that the project is stalled for the long term, including if a revised application is presented, by using a provision of the Clean Water Act.

The EPA said it has begun the process of cancelling the 2019 notice of withdrawal of the environmental protections that took place under Trump.

Bristol Bay supports commercial, subsistence, and recreational fisheries worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the EPA said, adding that it creates thousands of jobs.

"The salmon populations are critical to the health of the entire ecosystem, which is home to more than 20 fish species, 190 bird species, and more than 40 terrestrial mammal species, including bears, moose, and caribou," the EPA said.

Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates to reinvent toilets

WASHINGTON — The man who reinvented computers and made PCs a household item in most wealthy nations, Microsoft tycoon turned philanthropist Bill Gates, is now focusing his attention on recasting the toilet.

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Deadly horse virus spreads in Australia

An Australian veterinary surgery was placed under lockdown on Saturday following two fresh outbreaks of the Hendra virus that can be fatal if contracted by humans.

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Legionnaires' outbreak reported at Las Vegas resort

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - A luxury resort on the Las Vegas strip has been linked to cases of the sometimes deadly Legionnaires' disease that has sickened a handful of guests since 2009, health officials and the hotel said on Friday.

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Texas first state to enact hydrofracking rules

HOUSTON (Reuters) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Friday signed energy legislation to encourage more natural gas production and require energy companies to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, a drilling method that has raised environmental concerns.

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Nike, Adidas suppliers 'polluting China rivers'

Environmental campaigners on Wednesday accused suppliers to major clothing brands including Adidas and Nike of poisoning China's major rivers with hazardous chemicals linked to hormonal problems.

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Taiwan to tighten laws banning shark fin hunting

Taiwan, one of the world's major shark catchers, announced plans on Sunday to tighten measures against hunting the ocean predator for its fin, the island's top fisheries official said Sunday.

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'Wife-carrying' champion wins again

A Finnish pair have won the country's annual wife-carrying competition for the third year in a row, organisers said on Saturday.

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Dead body went unnoticed in public swimming pool for days

NEW YORK — Massachusetts officials have closed a busy public swimming pool after a woman's dead body went unnoticed in the water for two days as people continued to swim, the Boston Globe reported Friday.

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Jellyfish shut down British nuclear reactor

LONDON — A nuclear power station in eastern Scotland had to shut down its reactors after "high volumes" of jellyfish were found on its seawater filter screens, the operating company said Thursday.

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