Rubio pushes bill mandating men pay child support from moment of conception
Senator Marco Rubio speaks to the American Enterprise Institute (AFP)

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is sponsoring legislation that would require anyone whose sperm is used to fertilize an egg to begin paying child support from the moment of conception, upon the mother's request.

The Florida Republican Senator's bill also advances the GOP goal of legally claiming that life begins at conception, and that fertilized eggs are "persons" with all the rights of a human being.

“We should do everything we can to support American mothers and their children. This bill would allow expecting mothers to prepare and support their babies before they are born.” Sen. Rubio said in a statement.

"The bill itself makes a specific change to current federal regulations regarding child support," WFLA reports. "Under the proposed legislation, the government would require that states 'establish and enforce child support obligations of the biological father of an unborn child (and subsequent to the birth of the child) to the mother of such child' at the mother’s request."

Senator Rubio is ranked among the most far-right GOP Senators, according to analysis by GovTrack. The bill is supported by some of the most far-right Senators and organizations in the U.S., including the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America, along with GOP Senators James Lankford and Marsha Blackburn.

Meanwhile, Senator Rubio's history of voting against children tells a different story.

In 2012, after claiming he would draft legislation similar to the DREAM Act to protect those he called "blameless" children, and promised to include many GOP sponsors, the Florida Republican Senator filed a bill that excluded low-income immigrant families with undocumented parents from receiving a child tax credit.

He called attempts to provide these needy families with the same support other families were eligible for a "scam."

Just last year Sen. Rubio again opposed a child tax credit, this time claiming it "has been called a ‘child allowance,’ paid out as a universal basic income to all parents. That is not tax relief for working parents; it is welfare assistance."

“An essential part of being pro-family is being pro-work," Rubio declared.

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