Trouble piling up for Rudy Giuliani: 'He's an extremely easy mark or something more sinister'
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

According to one columnist, Rudy Giuliani has a lot to be embarrassed about, if he was capable of feeling embarrassment.

The former New York City mayor has squandered away whatever respectability he ever had while serving as Donald Trump's lawyer, said The Daily Beast columnist Molly Jong Fast, but sleazy details from the trial of his former henchman Lev Parnas have revealed that he's "an extremely easy mark or something more sinister."

"A lot has come up at Parnas' trial about all the dough he donated to a major pro-Trump super PAC, whose finance director at the time testified that a July 2018 article in the Daily Beast drew attention to a $325,000 contribution to the PAC America First Action that Parnas arranged through a largely unknown business called Global Energy Partners," Fast writes. "From that story, a formal Federal Election Commission complaint was filed accusing the morons of running a political donations shell company."

"At one point, [co-defendant Andrey] Kukushkin writes to Fruman to ask how Washington is and Fruman responds with 'Everything is great!! We are taking over the country!!!!'" Fast adds. "A bit after that, Fruman's business partner, Lev Parnas, produces some tangible evidence of the duo taking over Trumpworld, a picture of a jubilant Lev standing between Trump's daughter and her husband, terrifying Slenderman look-alike Jared Kushner."

Giuliani has been barred from practicing law in Washington, D.C., and New York, he's been banished from Fox News, he's facing a billion-dollar defamation suit from Dominion Voting Systems and the twice-impeached one-term president still hasn't paid for his legal services.

"Now, the FBI is executing search warrants at his home and office, and the Southern District he led a very long time ago is coming for him, and Trump isn't interested in helping him cover those bills, either," Fast writes.

There's more trouble on the horizon, as the House select committee moves closer to Steve Bannon and other members of Trump's inner circle -- and there's strong evidence Giuliani will become a target as well.

"With contempt charges coming Bannon's way from the Justice Department, courtesy of the Jan. 6 special committee, one might pause to remember that Rudy was in that suite at the Willard Hotel that day with a squad of deviants including the Federalist's own memo writer Jon Eastman and presidential pardon recipient and all-around creep Roger Stone not to mention QAnon's own Michael Flynn," Fast writes.