Video shows Russian bombs striking residential neighborhood as civilians flee

Video from Chernihiv, Ukraine, that has been confirmed by The New York Times, shows clear evidence of the Russian military bombing residential areas.

The video, taken by a motorist's dash cam, shows projectiles falling onto a row of apartments along a residential street. Civilians can be seen scrambling for cover after the explosions.

According to the Times, a hospital was in close proximity to the attack.

The UN says the war has displaced more than one million people, after Putin launched his offensive in a bid to demilitarise Ukraine and depose Zelensky's Western-leading government.

But the Russian president now finds himself an international pariah, his country the subject of swingeing sanctions that sent the ruble into further freefall on currency markets Thursday.

Russia's central bank -- whose foreign reserves have been frozen in the West -- imposed a 30-percent tax on all sales of hard currency, following a run on lenders by ordinary Russians.

The unfolding financial costs were underlined as ratings agencies Fitch and Moody's slashed Russia's sovereign debt to "junk" status.

Its sporting isolation worsened as the International Paralympic Committee staged an abrupt U-turn and banned Russian and Belarusian athletes from competing in the Beijing Winter Games.

The UN General Assembly voted 141-5 to demand that Russia "immediately" withdraw from Ukraine. Only four countries supported Russia -- Belarus, Eritrea, North Korea and Syria -- while China abstained.

Watch the video below:

With additional reporting via AFP