Russian UN ambassador storms out of Security Council meeting as members detail war crimes against Ukrainian civilians

Speaking to the United Nations Security Council this Monday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said that the "mountain of credible reports of atrocities committed by Russia's forces against civilians has grown every day" since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, CBS News reports.

Also speaking out was Council meeting host, Albania's U.N. Ambassador Ferit Hoxha, who said that growing evidence of sexual violence "is emerging by day from de-occupied areas."

"We know now from the findings in the liberated towns and cities in Kyiv Oblast that civilians have been targeted, tortured, killed on a large scale, and that women and girls have been subjects of rape as a weapon of war," Hoxha said.

Thomas-Greenfield added that Russian forces were "wielding sexual violence as a weapon of war," and that the U.S. has heard reports "that Russian soldiers raped Ukrainian women for hours — and then killed them."

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European Commission President Charles Michel told the Council that violence against Ukrainian civilians are "shameful acts… in a shameful war," which he said "must be exposed to the light of day and prosecuted."

As Michel continued to lambast Russia for its alleged war crimes, Moscow's U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia stormed out in protest.

"You may leave the room," Michel said as he left. "Maybe it's easier not to listen to the truth, dear ambassador."