Cops and protesters clash after antifa activists disrupt right-wing 'Freedom Rally' at Oregon Capitol

Three people were arrested after anti-fascist demonstrators clashed with Oregon police and right-wing activists.

About 200 antifa protesters showed up in opposition to a right-wing "Freedom Rally" outside the state Capitol in Salem, and police said the "black bloc" demonstrators threw paint-filled balloons and rocks at vehicles displaying American flags, Donald Trump flags or other support for right-wing causes, reported the Statesman Journal.

The barrage broke some vehicles' windows and one vehicle was damaged when a demonstrator threw a tree limb through its windshield into the passenger seat.

Police diverted "Freedom Rally" demonstrators away from the Capitol and dispersed antifa demonstrators by advancing toward them in a line.

A man pulled a gun on antifa activists after they surrounded his vehicle, and police detained him.

Officers arrested 33-year-old Nathan McFarland on second-degree disorderly conduct charges, 34-year-old Alan Foy on second-degree disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal trespass charges, and 18-year-old Anthony Villaneda on five counts of unlawful pointing of a laser.