Black child violently detained for no reason in cop's 'Rambo-style' attack outside school: lawsuit
Person in handcuffs (Shutterstock)

San Francisco police illegally detained a Black teenager for no reason, according to a civil rights attorney.

Famed attorney John Burris is suing the city and county over the March 15 incident, when he said officers violently detained the 13-year-old boy when his tutor picked him up from Sterne School, reported SFist.

"Any reasonable police officer would have noted the surroundings and that this was a school and was in front crossing the sidewalk, thus easily determining where the boy was coming from and who he was with instead of adopting a 'Rambo-style' of running at, yelling and attacking first," Burris said. "This conduct was shameful, and this type of policing contributes to the negative attitudes that young African Americans have toward the police."

The seventh-grader had just placed his backpack inside his tutor's car when an officer, identified as Sgt. Parra, ran up commanding the boy to get out of the car and put his hands behind his back, and the officer violently held his arms behind his back as the child tried to explain he was coming home from school.

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"My son has been traumatized by the police officer's attack," said boy's mother, Delores Coleman. As his mother, I am horrified that this happened to my son, who is loving, carefree, polite, and well-mannered. He doesn't understand why this happened to him when he had done nothing wrong ... Since the incident, my child is fearful about returning to school. He is embarrassed and wonders what his friends will think about him."

The school's head administrator and a counselor witnessed the incident, along with a security guard, and they corroborated the child's claims, and Burris said the suspect police were looking for was not dressed the same as the description, which didn't include information about that person's age, size or complexion.

"The most galling aspect of the officer's conduct was his continued efforts to interrogate the student and falsely wrote on his report that the boy was released after one minute, which, according to many witnesses, was not true," Burris said, adding that the boy was detained for closer to 30 minutes.

The lawsuit seeks $25,000 in damages.

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