Gun manufacturer subpoenas Newtown schools for Sandy Hook victims’ disciplinary records: report
Composite of Sandy Hook victims

Gun manufacturer Remington has subpoenaed Newtown Public School for school records of kindergarten and first grade students murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.

The subpoena was revealed in new court filings, Vice News reports.

The gun company sought attendance records, report cards, disciplinary records, and other documents, according to a filing seeking to protect victims' families from further subpoenas.

"There is no conceivable way that these [records] will assist Remington in its defense, and the plaintiffs do not understand why Remington would invade the families' privacy with such a request. Nonetheless, this personal and private information has been produced to Remington," the attorneys wrote.

Josh Koskoff,, who represents Sandy Hook parents, spoke with Vice News about Remington's interest in the court records.

"We have no explanation for why Remington subpoenaed the Newtown Public School District to obtain the kindergarten and first grade academic, attendance and disciplinary records of these five school children," Koskoff said.

"The records cannot possibly excuse Remington's egregious marketing conduct, or be of any assistance in estimating the catastrophic damages in this case. The only relevant part of their attendance records is that they were at their desks on December 14, 2012," he said.