George Santos: I'm close to 'clearing my name' from 'conspiracy' between lawyers and journalists
(Scott Olson/AFP)

Scandal-plagued Rep. George Santos (R-NY) proclaimed that he is close to "clearing my name" from “a conspiracy taking place between corrupt lawyers and unprofessional ‘journalists,’” The Daily Beast reported on Thursday.

"He made the comments on a tweet which recapped a Brazilian news story about the violent history of Santos’ former roommate, Gustavo Ribeiro Trelha, who accused the congressman of running a credit card skimming operation that he participated in," reported Brett Bachman. "It’s unclear exactly how the report is exculpatory for Santos. However it appears he is insinuating a grand conspiracy between authorities and Trelha, who the Brazilian report claims was a fugitive from Brazilian police at the time he signed an affidavit alleging Santos’ wrongdoing."

This comes shortly after Santos filed paperwork to run for office again — to the outrage of many of his constituents, who have been traveling to D.C. demanding his resignation.

Santos has admitted to fabricating almost every detail of his campaign biography, including his educational background, work history, and his claims to be Jewish and descended from Holocaust refugees.

Experts also believe Santos is under criminal investigation for his campaign finance practices, which contain a number of red flags including payments to vendors that are mathematically impossible and donors listed on his reports that appear to be fictional people.

One of the most shocking scandals around Santos is an allegation that he tried to rip off a disabled veteran's fundraiser for his dying service dog. The FBI is investigating the matter.

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