SNL imagines the year 1235 discussions that led Samuel Alito to overturning abortion rights

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" took on the issue of abortion in America days after Politico published a leaked Supreme Court draft decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

The shows opening skit began with a narrator introducing the sketch.

"In the draft of the majority opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, Justice Samuel Alito explains that no woman has a right to an abortion, and in fact, abortion is a crime," the narrator began.

"To prove it, he cites a treatise from 13th-century England about the 'quickening' of the 'foetus' and a second treatise that says, if the 'quick' child 'dieth in her body,' it would be a 'great misprision.' We go to that profound moment of moral clarity almost 1,000 years ago which laid such a clear foundation for what our laws should be in 2022," the narrator said.

The skit went on to question the customs, intelligence, understanding of the world, and bigotry of the meeting's participants.

"We should make a law that will stand the test of time so that hundreds and hundreds of years from now they'll look back and say, 'No need to update this at all, they nailed it back in 1235,'" one man says.


Roe v. Wade Cold Open - SNL