WATCH: Panic erupts at Michigan school shooting vigil after someone faints — sparking fears of violence

Panic erupted Friday night at a large memorial in Oxford, Michigan, for the victims of a deadly school shooting this week.

Hundreds of people had gathered in downtown Oxford for the memorial when someone fainted, according to Jason Colthorp of Detroit's Channel 4.

"Terrifying moments at the Oxford Vigil when apparently someone fainted and it sparked fear as people started yelling for help— and then everyone ran," Colthorp wrote on Twitter above video from the incident. "Police who immediately knew this was a medical emergency were trying to calm people down but it took several minutes before the vigil resumed and many people just went home and many of them in tears."

The video shows the crowd screaming and running as people try to figure out what's going on. At one point, two law enforcement officers armed with rifles pass in front of the camera.

"I can't do this," one sobbing woman can be heard yelling as she is escorted away from the area.

"Jesus, that scared the hell out of me," a man can be heard saying. "I was standing over there and everybody started running."

Watch below.