Hannity faces blowback after attacking CNN doctor for delivering accurate medical information
Sean Hannity (CBS News/screen grab)

Fox News host Sean Hannity faced some blowback from his Twitter followers on Wednesday after he attacked a CNN doctor for delivering accurate medical information.

Specifically, Hannity slammed pediatrician Dr. Paul Offit, who told CNN this week that Americans should consider wearing face masks every winter as a way to protect one another from getting the common flu, which kills tens of thousands of people each year but which has virtually disappeared this winter because so many people are masking up.

"HERE WE GO," Hannity wrote on Twitter. "CNN Doctor Says 'Wearing Masks Every Winter, Social Distancing' Can Reduce Flu Deaths."

The trouble for Hannity is that Offit's statement was completely factual, as wearing masks is a proven way to slow the spread of airborne diseases such as the flu or COVID-19.

Some Hannity followers called him out for attacking Offit -- check out some replies below.