Note to rioters: If you can see a security camera — it can see you back
Photo: Screen capture

Accused insurrectionist Tammy Bronsburg was probably proud of the video she posted on Facebook capturing the scene inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6. It contained some fine footage.

Unfortunately for Bronsburg (whose Facebook name is Tammy Butry), her video also captured closed-circuit TV camera 8182 of the United States Captitol Police. When the FBI honed it on the camera as displayed on a video on Bronsburg's Facebook page, that number "8182" got its attention.

Turns out, while Bronsburg's camera was watching Camera 8182, Camera 8182 was watching back. And it got a pretty good look at Bronsburg and Mark Roderick Aungst, the person with whom she was touring the inside of the Capitol illegally.

The evidence against Bronsburg and Aungst started out in mundane fashion. Bronsburg had astutely posted that video on her Facebook page that -- in the words of the FBI complaint against her -- "appears to be shot from inside the U.S. Capitol Building." There's even a selfie of her apparently walking in the Capitol. She pretty well implicated herself with that.

But for pure corroboration -- and in particular documentation of Aungst's participation inside the building -- there's nothing like showing up on camera 8182. And it was Bronsburg's own video that helped make the FBI's job easier in displaying the two in the act of trespassing.

"Approximately 27 seconds into Bronsburg's video, a closed-circuit USCP television camera (CCTV) is visible. The number 8182 was observed on the camera by your (FBI agent)."

Bronsburg and Aungst make their debut in Camera 8182's video, wearing clothing that matches what Bronsburg shot with her camera. The CCTV camera provided more complete information than Bronsburg's video, especially a clearer identification of Aungst, who was not as clearly displayed on hers.

On the security camera footage, Aungst can be seen wearing a black stocking cap underneath his 'Trump' baseball hat and carrying a white flagpole attached to an American flag. Bronsburg is shown with her cellphone and Aungst is clearly identified and followed by the camera as they near D.C. police officers and eventually leave.

The CCTV footage took up about a third of the FBI's criminal complaint against Bronsburg and Aungst. To be clear, it was not the only evidence: The two residents of Lycoming County, Penn. -- Bronsburg, 49, of Williamsport and Aungst, 46, of South Williamsport -- were quite chatty with eventual witnesses against them on the bus they rode to D.C.

Based on the FBI complaint, their boasts about having gotten inside the Capitol may not have sat so well with others on the bus, since they had delayed its return to Pennsylvania by about an hour. The witnesses were helpful to the FBI, which charged the pair with trespassing.

But no more helpful than Camera 8182, a cautionary tale to fools if there ever was one.