Senate report on Jan. 6 attack excludes Trump’s role and only mentions ‘insurrection’ in quotes and footnotes
Trump rioters in the U.S. Capitol.

A 128-page U.S. Senate bipartisan report on the Trump-incited Capitol insurrection of January 6 mentions the word "insurrection" only nine times – seven are in footnotes citing source material, and two are quotes from witness testimony. It also does not include Donald Trump's incitement of the insurrection, or his team's plans to do so, aside from mentioning his speech for timeline context.

The report, "Examining the U.S. Capitol Attack: A Review of the Security, Planning, and Response Failures on January 6," released jointly Tuesday by the Homeland Security and Rules committees, focuses not on the causes of the insurrection, but on the response.

The report finds "that the US Capitol Police's main intelligence unit 'was aware of the potential for violence' beforehand," according to CNN, and "adds an authoritative emphasis to previous evidence that there were massive intelligence failures, critical miscommunications, and unheeded warnings that ultimately led to the chaotic response that day."

"There are also several glaring omissions in the report including any examination of Donald Trump's role in the riots, raising questions about whether lawmakers, in their quest for bipartisanship, exposed the limits of a Congress divided and unable to agree on certain truths, particularly those related to the former President's actions."

"Did we look at Trump's role in the attack? The answer is no," a Senate committee aide told reporters.

Read the entire report on the Committee's website.