WATCH: Senior citizen brutally attacked and run over after picking up litter and placing it on hood of car

A senior citizen on a bicycle was brutally attacked in Chicago on Wednesday afternoon after placing a paper bag on the hood of a car, after the passenger had dropped it out the window.

Traffic-cam video from the incident shows the passenger dropping the fast-food bag out the window of a gray Audi at an intersection in the Edgewater neighborhood, Chicago's CBS affiliate reports.

The man crossing the intersection on a bicycle picks up the bag and places it on the hood of the Audi, where it tips over.

"That's when the passenger opens the door, walks towards the bicyclist and throws a punch, knocking him and his bike down in the middle of the road," the station reports. "He then gets back in the Audi that turns to get away. It's too disturbing to show, but that's when the driver of the dark Jeep Cherokee, in the right lane, tries to move around the altercation, instead running over the biker with the Jeep's back tire. His helmet crushed."

The 67-year-old victim reportedly was rushed to the hospital and is "doing OK," as the helmet is being credited with saving him.

The victim was able to tell police what he remembered, and authorities are now searching for both the Audi passenger who punched the man, and the Jeep Cherokee driver who left the scene after running him over.

Watch below.