Silicon Valley mom arrested for 39 counts of teen sex abuse did it for 'power'
Ada County Jail.

More information is coming to light about Shannon O'Connor, 47, who was charged on 39 counts.

"The California mom accused of encouraging sex abuse at booze-fueled parties she arranged for young teens has long been known as a 'liar' who leaves a trail of destruction in her wake wherever she goes, a source close to the family told The Daily Beast. Shannon O'Connor, 47, is accused of a breathtaking array of crimes in Los Gatos, a wealthy Silicon Valley suburb where prosecutors say she lured young teens to 'secret' parties, plied them with booze, and encouraged them to engage in 'sometimes nonconsensual' sex acts," The Beast reported Friday.

The complaint lists five "John Doe" male victims and nine "Jane Doe" female victims.

The Beast's source knows O'Connor and her second husband, Robert Amaral.

"As far as when people say they're surprised—I'm not surprised," the source said. "She's like a bomb. Wherever she goes, she blows things up."

"Why does she do this? It's for power, it's for control," the source said. "She is controlling these kids because she can't control the adults. This is a way to have everyone loving her, everyone liking her, these kids looked up to her. And the children made her feel wanted, made her feel powerful."

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