Sidney Powell facing $204,000 in legal fees after judge sanctions her over Kraken lawsuit: report
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Attorneys for the City of Detroit have filed a request in federal court asking Sidney Powell and other pro-Trump lawyers to pay $204,000 in legal fees over the failed "Kraken" lawsuit that was filled with conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

The Detroit Free Press reported on Wednesday that Powell and other attorneys may be on the hook for legal fees after U.S. District Judge Linda Parker ruled that the pro-Trump attorneys' punishment included covering legal costs.

"This lawsuit should never have been filed. The State Defendants and the Intervenor-Defendants should never have had to defend it," Parker wrote in her ruling on Aug. 25. "If (Powell and her team) are not ordered to reimburse the state defendants and (Detroit) for the reasonable fees and costs incurred to defend this action, counsel will not be deterred from continuing to abuse the judicial system to publicize their narrative."

Attorney David Fink's firm requested $182,192 for representing Detroit in the lawsuit. The Office of the Michigan Attorney General requested an additional $22,000.

Powell and her team are also being required to attend 12 hours of legal training. Judge Parker's ruling could result in disbarment or other additional sanctions for individual lawyers.

Powell's team has previously been hit with $100,000 in legal fees in Wisconsin over failed election challenges.