Slur-spewing man allegedly headbutted cops after threatening to shoot partygoers near his house

On Wednesday, WCBD reported that a Charleston, South Carolina man headbutted police officers and screamed racial slurs and threats at them after being arrested for making drunken, violent threats against people partying at a nearby house.

"Charleston County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a residence on Joy Ave. in West Ashley around 10:20 p.m. in reference to a disturbance," reported WCBD's Sophie Brams. "According to the caller, a man, later identified as Kevin Suite (57), threatened to use a firearm against partygoers at a nearby residence stating he 'had a clear line of sight to the party' and blocked one of the guests from leaving the property."

"When deputies arrived, they reported that Suite was 'extremely intoxicated,' uncooperative, and shouting expletives and racial slurs," said the report. "He was placed under arrest for public disorderly conduct. While Suite was being escorted to the patrol car, he reportedly head-butted a sergeant twice, striking him first in the chest and then again in the chin."

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According to the report, while in the back of the police vehicle while being transported to jail, Suite shouted at one deputy, “I will bust your f**king brains out n****r. You’ve got a f**king bullet, n****r. "You’ve got bullets coming your way, you’re f**king done yo, that’s f**king it baby, it’s coming to you bang bang, I got your name n****r. N****r, you’re gonna f**king die yo for real, I hope your f**king family enjoys you because they next, bang bang.”

The report also states that when Suite arrived at the detention facility, he "head-butted the transport deputy in the chin."

He faces multiple counts of assaulting police officers, as well as disorderly conduct and threatening the life of a public official.