'Like the evil clown that preys on children': Marjorie Taylor Greene destroyed on SNL's Weekend Update

QAnon congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene was taken to task last night by show regulars Cecily Strong and Colin Jost during Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update segment.

Jost began the segment by recounting that Greene "caused more controversy this week after she put up a sign outside the office of a congresswoman with a transgender daughter that said, 'There are two genders, male and female. Trust the science.'"

Playing Greene, regular Cecily Strong continued, "You see, science teaches us there are two genders because our bodies are made by God a certain way. For women it's 'milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner fudge is made.' And for boys it's 'big hairy chest like King Kong, crack in the butt, two balls, ding-dong.'"

Weekend Update: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Science - SNL www.youtube.com

She also explained that a "demon" got in her body as a child.

Greene told Jost, "I can't help it, I'm a fighter. I have a boombastic personality. I fight the Democrats, I fight the socialists, I fight traumatized teenagers walking on the street alone. I fight my own hair every morning with a hair iron and bottle of Aqua Net. I mean, hell, I fight my own party. Those Republicans in Congress scissored me."