WATCH: Black man says ‘I can’t breathe’ as he dies in South Carolina jail

South Carolina authorities released graphic body cam footage from January showing a Black man with mental illness being extracted from his jail cell in an ordeal that led to his death, BuzzFeed News reports.

Two sheriff's deputies pepper-sprayed him, used a stun gun multiple times, and restrained him with knees on his back during the incident.

"Jamal Sutherland, 31, died on Jan. 5, only 12 hours after he was jailed at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, following attempts by Charleston County Sheriff's deputies to take him to a bond hearing for a misdemeanor assault charge," BuzzFeed's Tasneem Nashrulla reports.

Sheriff Kristin Graziano released a statement calling the incident a "horrible tragedy."

"Our officers removed Mr. Sutherland from his cell that morning in order to ensure that he received a timely bond hearing, as required by law," Graziano said. "Their efforts were complicated by the increasing effects that Mr. Sutherland was suffering as a result of mental illness."

But according to Charleston County Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, who is reviewing the case, the circumstances surrounding Sutherland's in-custody death have "raised serious concerns and begged many questions."

Watch the video below: