Trump repeats 'big lie' that incited Jan. 6 insurrection as he teases 2024 comeback attempt at rally
Donald Trump at a rally, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Donald Trump continued to fraudulently claim he won the 2020 election that he decisively lost during a Saturday evening campaign rally in Florence, South Carolina.

Trump lost the election by 7,052,770 votes and lost the electoral college 306 to 232, the same number he described as a landslide when he received it in 2016.

"So I ran twice. I won twice," Trump lied.

"And I did much better the second time than we did the first, getting 12 million more votes. And now we may have to run again," Trump said.

Trump traveled to South Carolina to campaign against incumbent GOP Reps. Nancy Mace and Tom Rice.