'Sovereign citizen' leads cops on high-speed chase on wrong side of the road
Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

A California man and self-proclaimed sovereign citizen was arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase down the wrong way of a street and tossing a ghost gun out the window, Vice News reported.

Eddy Jerrelle Perez, 41, was arrested on Sunday after being stopped for having an illegal license plate. Police say when he was pulled over, he said “he was a sovereign citizen and that he did not have to comply with officer’s directions or laws of the government." When police tried to remove him from the car, he sped off down the wrong side of the road and threw the gun out the window.

Police searched Perez’s home in Vallejo, California, and found five more weapons, some of which were also ghost guns.

As Vice News points out, sovereign citizens "are a group of people who believe that they’re not beholden to any government and thus, free from laws."

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Perez is charged with having forged a vehicle registration and owning an illegal license plate. His mother has been charged with one count of resisting arrest. The firearms are are still pending.