South Carolina school cop handcuffed a 10-year-old special needs girl: report

Officials at a South Carolina school district are receiving harsh criticism after a school resource officer handcuffed a a 10-year-old special needs girl.

"Civil rights groups are calling for change after a 10-year-old special needs girl was handcuffed by police. The child's mother and group leaders say teachers should have handled the situation, not the police. They said school resource officers are there to protect children — not discipline children," WIS-TV reported Saturday.

"My daughter has a crisis plan in place and none of those were implemented that day on May 12," Angel's mother said.

A parent of a fellow special needs student also criticized the handcuffing.

"It's the incompetence of the district because these things continue to happen," Ken Edmonds said. "They won't comment on what they are doing. They use HIPAA as an excuse and say they are protecting students, but they're not."

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