Scaramucci to testify in trial of banker accused of trying to buy a job in the Trump administration
Anthony Scaramucci and President Donald Trump (Twitter)

The trial of a wealthy banker who allegedly tried to get a job in Donald Trump's administration by handing out a sweetheart loan to Paul Manafort will center on the testimony of former White House official Anthony Scaramucci, Bloomberg is reporting.

Stephen Calk, founder and chief executive of Federal Savings Bank, stands accused of approving $16 million in loans to former Trump campaign manager Manafort with an eye on a job at the Pentagon.

According to the report, Calk 'greenlighted' the loans "in exchange for a cabinet post or ambassadorship."

"Scaramucci is expected to testify 'that Manafort asked him to get Calk an interview for the position of Secretary of the Army, and that he complied with the request despite believing that Calk was not qualified.'"

According to Bloomberg's Bob Van Vooris, "The testimony may shed light on the early days of the Trump administration, including the struggles to staff the White House and top levels of the U.S. government following his surprising victory over Hillary Clinton."

For his part, Calk has denied the charges filed in a Manhattan court despite a document he sent to Manafort titled, "Stephen M. Calk Perspective Rolls (sic) in the Administration," that suggested he would also be interested in becoming Treasury Secretary.

According to the report, Scaramucci allegedly texted Manafort, "Would he take under secretary of the Army? Are we double sure? If so, I think we can get it done."

"Minutes after receiving the text, Manafort called Calk, talking with him for more than 11 minutes about the administration role but also a $6.5 million loan, prosecutors said," with the report adding Manafort texted Scaramucci afterward, writing, "Yes he will def take it."

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