'Prove me wrong': Rick Wilson rains hell on House riot committee for slow-walking arrest of Steve Bannon
MSNBC screenshot

Appearing on MSNBNC late Friday night with host Brian Williams, former GOP campaign consultant Rick Wilson accused the Capitol riot committee members of playing too nice with officials linked to Donald Trump who are balking at testifying about the Jan 6th insurrection.

One week ago, Wilson launched an attack on the committee, claiming the commission was "dead already" and that nothing would happen because they refused to enforce subpoenas they issued. That led to the committee pushing back in statements claiming they were pressing forward and that Wilson was misinformed.

On Friday night, Wilson asked them to "prove me wrong" by focusing on former Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon and saying they should make an immediate example of him.

Stating he believed the committee's "intentions are not bad, " he then accused them of slow-walking their investigation which has already been going on for three months.

"We are not hearing from the committee that they are meeting regularly," he accused. "They've had three months and they have done almost nothing. And the fact that they a few witnesses who are grudgingly going to kind of, sort of, sit down with them is nothing until we hold to account the people who are defying them."

"Unless you put Steve Bannon in the hotseat, unless you put Steve Bannon in an orange jumpsuit, strip him of his polos and put him in an orange jumpsuit and zip ties, this guy is going to run rampant," he continued. "He was out the other night, essentially telling his followers that Trump will be reinstated."

"He is one of the architects and masterminds of an insurgency in this country that needs a response more than the kind of traditional Washington 'let's go slow, let's take it incrementally," he stated

"They're already saying they're going to wait until Thanksgiving to have a vote on the House floor about referring Steve Bannon to the Justice Department for a criminal referral," he added. "This man does damage every day he walks around."

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