CNN's Jim Acosta drops profane rant about DOJ not yet charging Steve Bannon with criminal contempt
CNN's Jim Acosta

On CNN Monday, correspondent Jim Acosta expressed his frustration that the Justice Department hasn't yet moved to charge former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon with contempt of Congress.

"I talked to a former Trump adviser earlier this evening who said, listen, you know, it looks like what the January 6th committee is doing... is talk to every person around the former president, perhaps in the hopes of... trying to get cooperation from the former president, himself," he said. "And this advisor went on to say that many of them feel like it's a good thing that they were using encrypted messaging to speak with one another during this time in the run-up to the January 6th insurrection. And so, that gives you a sense as to how they were thinking in advance that what they were doing might not go over well from a legal standpoint."

Given this, Acosta said, it's baffling as to why Attorney General Merrick Garland has not yet moved on Congress's bipartisan recommendation of criminal contempt charges for Bannon.

"All of this is really in the hands of the attorney general, Merrick Garland," continued Acosta. "If he is not going to force the subpoena that Steve Bannon is thumbing his nose at right now ... anybody else who receives a subpoena from Congress could do the exact same thing. And honestly that's something that should just be, you know — you know, have every red-blooded American out there pissed as hell that the executive branch can thumb its nose at the legislative branch and the judicial branch when it comes to something as important and as insane as a coup aimed at overturning the election results."

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Jim Acosta says Americans should be "pissed as hell" Bannon hasn't been charged