Steve Bannon thinks Republicans are ‘c-words’: Ex-congressman baffled GOP refuses to 'settle a score'
Stephen Bannon (Screen cap).

Republicans in Congress should vote for a criminal referral of Steve Bannon, a former GOP congressman argued on CNN on Thursday.

"Republican leadership is trying to make this a no vote, making this out not to get to the truth but an effort to hurt Trump. That's a part of their framing," CNN's Ana Cabrera said. "What's your advice to your former colleagues on how to vote on Bannon and criminal contempt?"

"My advice to House Republican members is to vote for criminal contempt on Steve Bannon, just on the merits," Dent replied. "He's not eligible for executive privilege. He may have information relevant to this investigation, and, you know, he's willfully defying the Congress, their Article One authority and oversight responsibility, so they should go right at him."

"By the way, he resents most of them," Dent noted. "The things he has said about House Republican leaders, including Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise are things I cannot say on television. He despises them and any Republican who has a sense of governance and responsibility, they owe Steve Bannon nothing other than their contempt."

"They should settle a score right now if they can't vote for this on the merits," he suggested.

"Bannon has said some pretty bad things about Republican members of Congress and I can't repeat those either," Cabrera said. "He once called a GOP mega donor and other establishment figures Republican scumbags and referred to republican leaders as c-words and now they are trying to protect Steve Bannon?"

"That's right, it's unbelievable," Dent replied. "He used the c-word to describe the House Republican leaders. I mean, wow! You want to protect him? Why? I mean, it's -- it's almost inexplicable."


Charlie Dent