Bannon tells cheering crowd he's going 'to return Donald Trump to his rightful ownership of this presidency'
Steve Bannon (Photo: New York Times video screen capture)

Former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon told a cheering crowd on Wednesday that he plans to give former President Donald Trump back his "ownership" of the United States presidency.

While speaking at the "Save America Freedom Tour" in Virginia, Bannon elaborated on why he's gone all-in on Trump's false claims about the 2020 presidential election.

"That's why 3 November is so important," he said, referring to the date of last year's election. "Number one: It has put the legitimacy of this regime in question to independents... Number Two is to make sure we get a fair accounting of what actually happened, we can't go forward without it. Number Three is to make sure they can't cheat us again. Number Four is to return Donald Trump to his rightful ownership of this presidency."

In fact, Trump lost the 2020 election by more than 7 million votes in the national popular vote and by 74 votes in the electoral college. Multiple investigations and audits into alleged election irregularities have turned up no evidence of significant fraud.

Watch the video below.