Steve Cohen: Getting news about Jan. 6 hearings to Fox News will be like getting news about Ukraine to Russian TV
Rioters January 6th (AFP)

On CNN Tuesday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) outlined the difficulty of breaking through with the January 6 hearings to Fox News viewers.

In particular, he claimed that Fox will seek to bury the story — and compared it to how Russian state TV does its utmost to bury bad news on Vladimir Putin's Ukraine invasion.

"Historians have wondered, and sometimes on this broadcast, what Watergate would have resulted in, in the age of partisan right-wing media," said anchor Jim Sciutto. "If there was a storyline that came through, significant part of the population, different from the facts as we knew them, we're going to get a test now with the January 6th hearings. On the first one, we know Fox will not be airing them, I wonder what is the significance of that in your view, and how can the committee — how can Democrats get through to a significant portion of the country, with the results of this investigation?"

"It is going to be difficult," said Cohen. "I know CNN — the new leadership is looking toward going to more toward the middle and getting a broader viewership. But Fox has the predominance of Trump supporters and Republicans, and it's harder to get the news through Fox than it is to get it in Russia through the Russian television."

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"They will not run the hearings. They will probably not report much on them," continued Cohen. "If they do, mostly they'll have Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik saying things, that Democrats are communists and pedophiles and you name it. So it is hard to get across to them. But there is a middle ground, there is what we always call the suburban housewife independents who will listen and recoil at what they learn about the president's direct involvement and direction, the fact that on the day of the insurrection, instead of acting to protect the Capitol and legislature, he was enjoying it, watching it on television and cheering for his team to win. And that was for America to lose."

"So I think the hearings are going to be very important," Cohen added. "Comparing it to Watergate, this is Watergate with capital letters and exclamation points. Nixon was wrong. He was a crook. He sent some of his people to break into the Democratic headquarters. He didn't send his people to break into the Capitol and take over the government and intimidate, threaten and possibly kill congresspeople and senators. There are no Howard Bakers around today who would go to the president today and say, you must resign."

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Steve Cohen compares Fox News to Russian