Steve Schmidt rips Mark Zuckerberg and 'cancer' Rupert Murdoch who 'monetized' Trump’s 'insanity'
Steve Schmidt on MSNBC.

Lincoln Project co-founder and former Republican Steve Schmidt is blasting Donald Trump, the former president, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Rupert Murdoch, the head of the multi-national conglomeration that includes far right wing outlets like Fox News.

Schmidt in a Twitter thread Sunday night discussed his recent trip to Paris, which of course is also battling COVID-19 but without the presence of Trump and Murdoch, focusing his ire on the latter.

In France says Schmidt, COVID-19 is much more a medical issue than a political one, thanks to their not having the three billionaires.

"Trump is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans because of his insanity, narcissism, incompetence, malice and selfishness," Schmidt writes. "Murdoch monetized the insanity by stepping on the gas and building a community of anger fueled by conspiracy, rage, hate, racial animus, nativism, jingoism, misinformation, venal stupidity and contempt for American ideals of equality, fairness, justice and democracy."

"Zuckerberg built a mass surveillance company that imprisons victims (Americans) in an information archipelago guarded by malevolent algorithms that turn Trump's insanity and Murdoch's nihilism into a dogma that is tearing the country apart when it should be coming together in the common cause of defeating a terrible and shared common enemy, a disease that can take any of us or the people we love at any time."

Murdoch, adds Schmidt, "has been a pancreatic cancer on democracy, pluralism and decency."