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On Tuesday, the Justice Department announced a lawsuit against billionaire former casino magnate and pro-Trump Republican megadonor Steve Wynn, to compel him to register as an agent of the Chinese government under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

"Defendant is obligated to file these materials by virtue of his acting as an agent of two foreign principals: Sun Lijun ('Sun'), the former Vice Minister for Public Security in the People’s Republic of China ('PRC'), and the PRC itself," said the Justice Department's filing.

"Specifically, at the request of Sun, and on behalf of the PRC, the Defendant conveyed to former President Donald J. Trump and his Administration ('the Trump Administration') the PRC’s request to remove from the country a PRC national who had sought political asylum in the United States," the filing continued. "In so doing, from at least June 2017 through at least Case 1:22-cv-01372 Document 1 Filed 05/17/22 Page 1 of 13 2 August 2017, the Defendant acted as an agent for foreign principals Sun and the PRC and engaged in political activities on their behalf in the United States."

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The Foreign Agents Registration Act is a law that requires people lobbying and doing political work on behalf of a foreign government to disclose their activities to the U.S. government.

Wynn, a prominent GOP megadonor who previously ran a casino empire in Las Vegas and served as the finance director of the Republican National Committee, stepped back from public life after explosive allegations that he paid out $7.5 million to a woman to silence a rape accusation.

Despite this, the Republican Party accepted a $400,000 contribution from Wynn even after these allegations became public.

(Disclaimer: the author of this article works in the casino gaming industry.)