Young woman's suicide came after years-long relationships with cops she met as teen through explorer program

Three Massachusetts police officers allegedly had inappropriate relationships with a woman who killed herself last year while pregnant with her first child.

Sandra Birchmore, who was 23 when she took her own life, had been telling friends that one of the officers, 36-year-old Matthew Farwell, was the father of her child, but a recently released report by Stoughton police shows she also had a relationship with Farwell's twin brother William and their former supervisor in the department's police explorer program, reported the Boston Globe.

All three officers have left the department, but police chief Donna McNamara said she plans to ask the state to decertify Matthew and William Farwell and Robert Devine as officers, which would prohibit them from being hired by other law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts.

“I am seeking decertification for them because they all violated the oath of office and they should never have the privilege of serving a community as a police officer again,” McNamara said. “It’s the worst behavior I’ve ever seen.”

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Birchmore met the officers when she was 13 through the young explorers program, and McNamara said her relationship with Matthew Farwell began when she was 15 years old, and the police report states that the relationship continued for many years and that Farwell communicated and interacted with the teen while on duty.

The investigation concluded that Devine lied about having a relationship or communications with Birchmore, who he met in December 2020 at a restaurant on duty.

William Farwell denied the allegations in his Aug. 1 resignation letter, which he submitted before taking a job as an explosives specialist with the Transportation Security Administration at Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

The death certificate shows Birchmore was pregnant when she died, and Matthew Farwell admitted to having sex with Birchmore, whose body was found Feb. 4, 2021, at her apartment, but he said the sexual relationship ended in October 2020.

Birchmore had told friends the baby was due in September 2021, so Matthew Farwell claimed he could not have been the father.

The young woman's own father was never part of her life, and her mother and grandmother had died when she was a teenager, and Birchmore posted on social media that she cherished her involvement in Stoughton police’s explorers program.

She took the Massachusetts civil service exam in 2019 and was placed on the eligibility list for the Stoughton police department.