Susan Collins now says she won't comment on Brett Kavanaugh until after he renders his decision on Roe
Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) -- (Photo: screenshot)

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) has been under the spotlight this week after Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh telegraphed that he would be open to overturning the precedent established by Roe V. Wade.

On Wednesday, Collins deflected when asked about Kavanaugh's comments during hearings in the Mississippi abortion law case this week by saying she hadn't seen his remarks.

On Thursday, Collins was asked again about Kavanaugh's remarks and replied that she'd only read press accounts of what he said.

And, according to Huffington Post reporter Igor Bobic, Collins had no desire to talk about them any further.

"Collins says today she read 'some of the press accounts' but has not yet reviewed the oral arguments from SCOTUS on abortion," Bobic writes on Twitter. "Also says she won't be commenting until after the decision is rendered, which may not happen until next summer."

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During Kavanaugh's contentious 2018 Senate confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh told Collins directly that he believed Roe v. Wade was settled precedent.

However, at Wednesday's hearing, Kavanaugh repeatedly suggested he saw no issue with overturning established precedent.

"If we think that the prior precedents are seriously wrong, why then doesn’t the history of this court’s practice... tell us that the right answer is actually a return to the position of neutrality?" he asked at one point, according to Slate's Mark Joseph Stern.