Ted Cruz calls CNN war correspondent in Kabul a 'Taliban cheerleader' – and it doesn’t go well for him

Conservatives are sharing a clip of CNN foreign correspondent Clarissa Ward reporting on the ground in Afghanistan, claiming it shows the network taking an apologist tone towards the Taliban.

"They're just chanting death to America, but they seem friendly at the same time," she says in the clip. "It's utterly bizarre."

According to GOP Sen. Ted Cruz, Ward wasn't simply a reporter giving her assessment of what she was seeing on the ground as the Taliban took over Kabul, she was acting as a "cheerleader" for the Islamist group.

"Is there an enemy of America for whom @CNN WON'T cheerlead? (In mandatory burkas, no less.)" Cruz wrote in a tweet this Monday.

But according to Cruz's critics on Twitter, he's just being a hypocrite.