Ted Cruz denies being in a fight with a ‘furry muppet’

Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Friday denied being in a feud with a three-year-old Muppet in his latest incident involving a resident of Sesame Street.

The brouhaha started when the educational TV show ran a public service announcement in which Elmo gets vaccinated.

In the PSA, Elmo's dad Louie says he had questions about the vaccine and spoke with the family's pediatrician.

"I learned that Elmo getting vaccinated was the best way to keep himself, our friends, neighbors, and everyone else healthy and enjoying the things they love," he said.

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On Tuesday, Cruz complained that Sesame Street had Elmo "aggressively advocate for vaccinating children UNDER 5."

CBS News published a story under the headline, "Elmo talks about getting COVID vaccine; Ted Cruz has a problem with that."

Days later Cruz was still thinking about the fictional character known for referring to himself in the third person.

"Corporate media having fun pretending I’m in a fight with the red furry muppet Elmo. Nope," Cruz claimed, on day three of his complaints about vaccinations.

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He then launched the conspiracy theory that the PSA, "spread dishonest government propaganda to toddlers."

And this was not the first time he's complained about a resident of Elmo's neighborhood getting vaccinated.

In November, the Harvard-educated lawyer attacked Sesame Street after Big Bird was vaccinated and received mockery so widespread he was roasted on "Saturday Night Live."