Ted Cruz wants the Capitol cafeterias and vending machines to accept Bitcoin: report

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is spending time trying to get Capitol Hill to accept Bitcoin as payment.

"Cruz proposed the Adopting Cryptocurrency in Congress as an Exchange of Payment for Transactions (ACCEPT) resolution, which would instruct the Architect of the Capitol, the Secretary of the Senate, and the Cheif Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives to solicit and enter into contracts with food service and vending machine providers who accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. This legislation would also push congressional gift shops to accept digital currencies as payment," Breitbart News reported "exclusively."

The legislation does not yet appear on Congress.gov.

"As consumers better understand and embrace cryptocurrency, merchants are increasingly accepting crypto as a payment method. Congress is typically slow to adopt new technology," Cruz said. "My bill would position Congress to lead on this issue by having congressional cafeterias, vending machines, and gift shops accept crypto payments."

Cruz has previously hyped Bitcoin as a potential solution to the broken power grid in Texas, which failed during a storm last winter during with the senator fled to Cancun.

In August, Cruz took to the Senate floor to argue against regulating cryptocurrencies.


Sen. Cruz on the Senate Floor: Washington Bureaucrats Are Trying to Kill Crypto www.youtube.com