'Chief inciter' Ted Cruz slammed by CNN's Cuomo for claiming Democrats are lawless
Ted Cruz. (AFP)

On Thursday, CNN's Chris Cuomo tore into Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for suggesting on the Michael Berry Show that the Democratic Party is lawless — when he helped to incite a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.

"Those who are speaking up are as bad as the Q-kook," said Cuomo. "Literally, already trying to erase the reality of January 6th. Everything we saw and know. They say the left were to blame. They are lawless. Now, you ask, who could be that shameless? Not two months after the 6th, you're going to try to spin it like this? All those Trump flags, they didn't exist? Who else?" He played the clip of Cruz.

"Today's Democratic Party has been radicalized, where they're, you know, they're not even willing to enforce the law against violent criminals who are committing horrific crimes," said Cruz in the clip.

"You know, if Cruz is as smart as they say he is, maybe he's banking on being hated," said Cuomo. "Maybe he thinks there is no more line between fame and infamy, as long as people talk about you a lot and your name is out there, maybe that is power in our new politics that is largely about how to poison the other side. Remember, he is a chief inciter of the deadly insurrection committed by 'violent criminals,' to use his term. And this is not about just lying about the past, which he knows he is. It's about fueling those who may be lying in wait."

Watch below: