GOPer blames 'blackmail' after Ted Cruz endorses opponent: 'There's pictures with Ted and sheep'
Ted Cruz at CPAC (Screen Grab)

A potential Republican candidate in Texas has suggested that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was blackmailed because the Texas senator endorsed his opponent, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX).

Republican Matt McCall told The National Review that he wants to secure the endorsement of former President Donald Trump before committing to run against Roy in 2022. McCall lost his 2018 primary race against Roy by less than 5 points.

McCall also speculated about Cruz's endorsement of Roy in the 2018 race.

“I have no idea why [Cruz] went to so much trouble to put Chip into office," he explained. “Maybe he intends to run for president and they've got dreams of running Chip for Senate."

“Maybe it was blackmail, that's what a lot of people say — you know, there's pictures with Ted and sheep," he added. “I don't know."

According to The National Review, McCall offered no evidence to back up his blackmail claim.