Virginia Dem governor candidate calls Trump's bluff — and dares him to campaign for his opponent
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) (Facebook)

On Monday, former President Donald Trump released a lengthy statement attacking Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic governor of Virginia and again-candidate for the post, boasting that he could win Republicans the governorship this year.

"Four years ago, a man named Ed Gillespie ran for Governor of Virginia without "embracing" MAGA, or the America First movement," wrote Trump. "The Trump base is very large in Virginia, they understood his game, and they didn't come out for Gillespie ... Now a great candidate, Glenn Youngkin, is running against political hack and unpopular former governor, Terry McAuliffe. Glenn has a very good chance of winning."

McAuliffe, undaunted, reminded Trump that he in fact lost Virginia twice — and dared him to come campaign for Youngkin in a state that is rapidly shifting against Republicans.

Youngkin, a private equity executive, has been much more leery of playing up his ties to the Trump movement or his endorsement from the former president. In a recent attack ad, Youngkin even tried to suggest that McAuliffe was the one who was more tied to Trump.