Anti-choice Texas lawmaker put on the spot over why he gets to decide when life begins
Boris Sanchez, Bryan Hughes (CNN screenshots)

A anti-choice Texas state senator was put on the spot on CNN on Saturday when host Boris Sanchez asked him why he should be allowed to strip women of their right to choose to have an abortion and if he thinks life begins at conception.

Along the way, the CNN host confronted him on the science and what allows him to "decide when life begins."

"Are you saying you believe life begins at conception?" the host asked.

"Life begins at conception," Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-TX) shot back. "If you talk to scientists, if you talk to medical professionals, there are stages of development all the way through the pregnancy. There are stages of development after birth, little newborn babies are not fully grown, but when that human is in the womb, that's the life we want to protect, of course."

"There are scientists and doctors who say life doesn't begin at conception, they don't share that opinion, they believe it's a cluster of cells and through those stages of development, eventually you can define an embryo, a fetus, potentially as life but they don't necessarily agree with your point of view," host Sanchez corrected him. "So I go back to my first question, specifically what is it that allows you to define what life is for women?"

"Each scientist you're referring to would pick a different point in that development, each one would," Hughes replied. "As you know, Democrats in the U.S. Congress support a bill that would allow abortion up to the moment of birth. We know most Americans obviously are not in favor of that and so Roe v. Wade means this question goes back to the states. So the people decide it through the states, people are going to vote. If they don't like the policies in their state they're going to vote with their feet. People have been doing that, they've been leaving states like California and coming to Texas where there's opportunity and liberty and rights. We respect the rights of those little unborn babies as well."

"I understand your point. I do want to clarify that bill that you're referring to that Democrats -- you referred to Democrats supporting a bill that would allow for abortion up until the moment of birth," host Sanchez corrected him again. "I don't believe that that's widely supported by a majority of Democrats. I don't know that that's realistic or that that would pass in any of the 50 states."

Watch below:

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