Texas voting law results in 95-year-old World War II vet's application being rejected — twice
95-year-old veteran Kenneth Thompson had his mail-in ballot application rejected in Texas (CNN).

On CNN Wednesday, reporter Dianne Gallagher profiled multiple elderly Texas residents struggling to get their mail-in ballots approved under S.B. 1, the GOP-backed voting law designed to make it harder to cast a ballot.

"After decades of helping others make a plan to vote, a controversial new election law landed 74-year-old Pam Gaskin in unfamiliar territory. Her ballot was denied not once but twice," said Gallagher. "First, Fort Bend County had yet to update applications under the new law, which now requires voters to add their Texas driver's license or partial Social Security Number to the application, which is what Gaskin did in her second attempt. But there's a catch."

"The law says it has to be the number that was on your application when you registered to vote," said Gaskin in the interview, noting that she registered 46 years ago and has no access to the number she had back then.

"Because she wrote her valid license number but had registered with her social, the application was rejected," said Gallagher. "95-year-old World War II veteran Kenneth Thompson's ballot application was also denied twice. In 1940s Harris County, he didn't use either number to register, so no match."

"People aren't going to vote," said Thompson.

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"In Texas, only a person over 65, disabled, or out of the county can vote by mail," noted Gallagher. "But days before the application deadline, there are thousands of rejections across the entire state, all political parties, and this isn't the only problem. A tight timeline to implement changes means less training in voter education. 14 percent of mail-in ballots have been rejected over ID issues so far."

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