Hawaii couple who stole dead Texas babies' identities may be Russian spies

On Wednesday, WFAA reported that a couple in Hawaii are accused by federal authorities of engaging in a bizarre, years-long identity theft scheme in which they used the names of infants who died in Texas.

It remains unclear what their motives were, said the report — but there are some hints they may have been acting as agents for the Russian government.

"A criminal complaint filed in Hawaii federal court says Walter Primrose and Gwynn Morrison assumed the identities of Bobby Edward Fort and Julie Lyn Montague, respectively. Both babies died in Texas in the 60s," reported Sydney Persing, saying that the couple used this scheme for years to obtain "fake passports, DOD identity and social security cards ... A federal court filing says Primrose even wiggled his way into the Coast Guard, where he held a secret clearance as a defense contractor and as an avionics electrical technician."

"Federal agents also seized photographs from the couple's home in Hawaii 'wearing what have been identified as KGB uniforms,'" the report continued. Former CIA Director Porter Goss told WFAA that this doesn't prove they are Russian spies, but it is enough evidence to investigate the matter, saying, "You never want to dismiss lightly the potential of a sleeper agent."

"I tell you what, I believe the world is full of crooks," said John Montague, the father of one of the deceased infants. "Why use somebody name that's already passed away, and bring that back? Then the family finds out ... you always want them to rest in peace."

This comes after years of reports on Russian interference into U.S. politics, most famously the efforts to sway the 2016 presidential election. It also comes after another recent report that says three men with links to sanctioned Russian spies were present at an Oval Office meeting during the efforts to overturn the 2020 election for former President Donald Trump.

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