This Ohio math teacher is convincing ‘super moms’ of Trump’s big lie of election fraud

CNN on Tuesday detailed how a math and science teacher from Ohio is traveling the country to spread Donald Trump's debunked "big lie" of election fraud.

CNN's Sara Murray detailed how bowtie-clad teacher Douglas Frank has become a celebrity among Donald Trump supporters for his debunked claims of fraud.

"Currently on leave from his teaching position, Frank has traveled to Texas and dozens of other states, claiming he uncovered an algorithm proving the 2020 election was stolen nationwide, even as his conclusions have been debunked by mathematicians and election experts," Murray reported. "In an interview with CNN, he stood by his flawed conclusions, remaining adamant in his belief that the elections are rigged -- regardless of the many experts who have disproven his claims."

Frank is seeking to organize mothers to rally behind his debunked claims.

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"Across the country, Frank has connected with women he has dubbed 'super moms.' They are women who have embraced unfounded election conspiracy theories and are engaged in efforts to expose the nonexistent widespread fraud," CNN reported.

CNN noted that Frank has the financial backing of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who has claimed to have spent $25 million pushing Trump's "big lie" of election fraud.


Douglas Frank