Thousands of Russians move to flee country as Putin threatens to impose martial law: report
Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a press conference at the Kremlin. The world judo governing body (IJU) has taken personal action against Russian President Vladimir Putin following the invasion of Ukraine. -/Kremlin/dpa

On Friday, Axios reported that Russians are moving to flee the country in droves, as the country threatens to plunge into chaos and martial law as a result of Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

"Thousands of Russians are rushing to flee the country ahead of this weekend, as rumors swirl that Vladimir Putin could soon declare martial law, close the borders and crack down even harder on domestic dissent," reported Zachary Basu. "For as devastating as the humanitarian situation in Ukraine has become, widespread suffering is rapidly arriving at Russia's own doorstep. More than 8,000 people have already been detained at anti-war protests since Feb. 24, according to the independent monitor OVD-Info."

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This comes as Russia faces crippling sanctions from countries around the world, causing a total collapse of the ruble currency. Meanwhile, foreign relations expert Richard Haas has reported that Russian soldiers in Ukraine are turning against their own commanders, sabotaging their own vehicles so as to avoid taking part in the conflict.

According to CNN correspondent Nic Robertson, while Putin is aggressively pushing back with a propaganda blitz justifying the war, many younger Russians have rejected state-run media and are increasingly aware their leadership is lying to them.