Tiger King Joe Exotic has a new plan to get back at rival Carole Baskin
"Joe Exotic" has captured the imagination of Netflix watchers as the star of the true-crime documentary "Tiger King" - Netflix US/AFP

"Tiger King" star Joe Exotic revealed Tuesday that he has a new plan to finally get back at his arch-nemesis Carole Baskin and fight for a new trial.

According to TMZ, the Netflix star hired the lawyer who recently won a civil lawsuit for her former husband's family.

John M. Phillips of the Phillips & Hunt law firm announced that he has been hired by the jailed "Tiger King" and hopes that he can get a new trial. Joe Exotic had petitioned former President Donald Trump for a pardon in his final days in office. Despite delivering pardons and clemency to hundreds of people over the course of four years in office, Trump ignored the Oklahoma "zoo" owner.

"Work has already begun on @joe_exotic's New Trial Motion. We are proud to be leading his team. I was sworn into the Western District of Oklahoma this morning. This isn't about tigers, television or tomfoolery, it's about justice and evidence. More soon," Phillips tweeted.

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